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Lead Photographer


Welcome to W Studio, the premier destination for preserving life’s fleeting moments.


Whether it's making a child shine bright on the day they become a Bat/Bar Mitzvah or immortalizing moments for families, I am committed to excellence in whatever I do. My main strength as a person is my love and empathy for people. For over a decade I have had the privilege and honor of thousands of people welcoming me into their homes and hearts. As a photographer, I wonder at the trust I am given by the people I photograph who give me a glimpse into their soul and allow me to capture their spirit. It is a precious gift that I don't take for granted but treasure deeply.

Our lenses are an extension of our hearts and my promise is to create beautiful and meaningful photographs for you and your family. 

We are not just photographers, we turn our vision into art and have been partnering closely for over a decade with the global industry leader in personal photography art. We offer innovative, stylish and all impeccably made in Italy products that keep your family stories alive and provide a lifetime experience that your children and grandchildren will cherish forever.


Initially our studio was called “Weesteetee,” phonetic of ouistiti, the French word for marmoset. There, photographers use it to elicit smiles from even the most stubborn of little friends. While we’ve simplified our name, you’ll still hear me yelling out “weesteetee!” to get that grin. Try it!


W Studio specializes in life-cycle event photography, B’nai Mitzvah, children portraits, family/life-style portraits, weddings, high-school senior photography. We also offer corporate branding/commercial photography, professional headshots and product photography.


Please visit our galleries, check out our clients’ raves and feel free to call us. Maybe we’ll click and make some magic together….

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